55 Norton Street
Leichhardt NSW 2040

Norton Plaza provides convenient fresh food, shopping and lifestyle services from the heart of Leichhardt. Whether it’s the weekly shop, a fresh manicure or a coffee with friends, Norton Plaza is the place to go.

Car Park Hours of Operation

You never know what time you will need to stop by Norton Plaza, which is why we have extended hours. The car park hours below are designed to meet your needs, no matter what time you get the shopping bug.

Carpark open 7am to 11pm everyday.

For further information, please call 9518 0660.

Rates and Information

They say the best things in life are free, and here at Norton Plaza we completely agree. There is no better way to enjoy your shopping experience than with complementary free parking, available in any of the parking levels accessible via Norton Street or Balmain Road.

Once your first two hours of free parking have expired, you can still take advantage of our low rates:

Parking Rates
Up to 2 hours FREE
2 – 2.5 hours $12
2.5 – 3 hours $15
3 – 3.5 hours $20
3.5 – 4 hours $25
4 – 4.5 hours $30
Over 4.5 hours $45

Special rates: 
Of course there are always special offers that you can take advantage of to make your Norton Plaza experience more enjoyable. The special parking rates include:

  • After 6pm – Enjoy a $18 flat rate for the entire evening (first two hours are still free).
  • Cinema parking validation – A $14 flat rate for four hours parking is offered to Palace Cinema patrons.
    Validate by scanning your cinema ticket at the auto pay machines before returning to your vehicle.

Ticketless Parking

Norton Plaza has introduced ticketless parking, providing quicker and easier access in and out of the centre without a paper ticket.


What is ticketless parking & how does it work? 
The new parking system utilises number plate recognition to take a picture of your number plate when you enter and recognises this at the exit gate.

Visiting the centre mulitple times per day:
Customers who visit the centre several times a day will still be offered 2 hours free parking, so long as visits are 30 minutes apart. If you re-enter under 30 minutes, you will be charged for the entire period you have parked.
If your visit is within 2 hours, you’ll enjoy free parking whereby you can simply proceed to the exit and the boom gate will lift automatically.

What happens if I park for over 2 hours? 
For customers staying longer than 2 hours, there are three easy ways to pay for parking:

  1. At the pay station by typing in your number plate
  2. At the boom gate by credit or debit card
  3. By registering online to have your fees automatically deducted from your nominated credit or debit card at the time of exit

How do I keep track of how long I have parked? 
You can check what time you entered the car park by typing in your number plate into any pay station.

How do I register for parking with a disability permit? 
Disability permit holders can register for ticketless parking and receive 3 hours free parking. To be eligible, please present your disability permit to the Centre Management Office, located on level 1. The lifts to access level 1 are located on ground floor near the toilets.

Can I validate my parking after a seeing a movie? 
Yes! Simply scan the barcode on your Palace Cinema ticket any pay station before returning to your car, this will entitle you to a $14.00 flat rate for 4 hours parking. Please note, your cinema ticket is only valid on the day of purchase.

For more information, read the FAQ’s. 

View the Terms & Conditions.

Travelling by Car

When arriving via the northern City West Link, Norton Plaza is easily accessible from Norton Street and Balmain Road. If you are travelling from the south, then take Parramatta Road and you will be at the Norton Plaza in no time at all. Once you get close, simply follow the signs to the car park and enjoy those two free hours of parking.

Travelling by Train

If you prefer to leave the car at home, you can always take the train to Norton Plaza. The closest train station is Petersham, just a short 10 minute walk north along Railway Street.

For more information on train timetables and trip planners, visit the Transport NSW website.

Travelling by Bus

Catching the bus to Norton Plaza is easy as there is a bus stop right outside on Norton Street.

For bus routes and timetables, head to the Transport NSW website